Hands on with the Wii U

T3 gives impressions on Nintendo's new machine

Following Nintendo's announcement of the Wii U, our friends over at T3 have gone live with an exclusive Wii U hands-on preview.

The new console stunned E3 crowds as it was shown to be the dual-sticked, touchscreen packing controller that has been rumoured for so long.


It showed off both integration with big screen games and independent, portable gaming using its own built-in screen.

The presentation video kicked off, however, with perhaps the device's most impressive feature - also rumoured - the ability to play a game on the big screen and then, seemingly being able to carry on playing using just the controller instantly.

T3's Adam Bunker notes that the Wii U is trying to do three things at once; innovate, win back the hardcore and keep the family market.

They aren't exactly easy things to do together but Bunker says the console works thanks to "mind-boggling tech inside both the console and the controller."

Head over to T3 for more.

[ SOURCE: T3 ]