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Nintendo E3 press conference: All the news

Every headline in one place

It's finally happened; Nintendo has unveiled its new console the Wii U.

With it came a slew of games, features, gadgets and gizmos that we can't even begin to remember in this whirlwind of excitement.

Good job we were bashing out all the news as it happened then. Here's our commentary of the Nintendo E3 conference as well as all the headlines. We'll get the videos in too as soon as they land:



This video is no longer available


Morning from LA folks. We're in.

Click to view larger image This is the big one; Nintendo's real chance to own E3. We want Project Cafe magic, Mario and 3DS to get a new lease of life. But what do YOU want to see?

Some Nintendo facts popping up on screen. It's very blue. So far, pretty similar to 2010.

"Life's waiting to begin," sings power punk American music over the speakers. Damn right. This is probably a famous band. We are old.

Stuff is happening. Exciting times. Tension is high.

There are two massive screens either side of the stage. We're expecting demos on these. The main centre screen is asking questions about Nintendo, Konami and more.

Yoshinori Ono's is milling about. His shirt is not exciting as it was at Sony's conference. But he's here. We only have eyes for Reggie this morning, though.

Getting impatient now. Expectations rising. Fact is, E3 2011 will have been a bit of a damp squib if Nintendo doesn't smash this one to bits.

Oh yeah. We're kicking off. Strings being played. Choral singing in front of us. And bloody Link. YES.

Proper history of Zelda happening on screen. Good stuff.

More than just strings. Full orchestra. No expense spared.

This is kind of brilliant. Going on a while. But balls out stuff. It's a movement! (We haven't known what one of those is in days. All the US red meat.)

While whoops. Then Miyamoto. More wild whoops.

"Last year was the 25th anniversary of super mario. This year, it's Zelda. Game has evolved with each new hardware... and so has the music." Shigsy calls orchestra - which was playing Skyward Sword theme - "exhilerating".

Orchestra playing Zelda chime and other famous sounds from the game, like opening a treasure chest. Bit niche, but nice nonetheless.

Starting today, Links Awakening will be available in GameBoy Color line-up from new e-store. Available around the world by day's end.

Click to view larger image Legend Of Zelda 3D launching next weekend on 3DS. "Improved, revamped."

Legend Of Zelda Four Swords free download in September "we hope you'll gather all of your friends togather."

SkyWard Sword coming this "holiday season" around the world. "It's finally done," jokes Miyamoto.

Special gold Wii Remote will also be available as a promotion when the game launches.

Miyamoto says he's playing it every day. "Most satisfying Zelda experience of any game in the series."

Zelda concerts being played around the world in the autumn/fall.

Ocarina Of Time soundtrack CD and Zelda compilation coming this year.

A lod of Nintendo veterans out on stage, including Zelda producer Aonuma.

Ben Folds music greets Iwata on stage. "Changes in who plays, who plays and where we play."

Teasing detrails of new console. Coming later this morning... Wants to 'serve every player'.

Reggie now. Five new 3DS games coming. Mario Kart is one, we think. Luigi's Mansion. Nice.

"We hear you. You want what you've always wanted, but you also want something new... Contradictions come with the territory."

Customisation options in Mario Kart, a "tricked out version". Coming this holiday.

Star Fox 3D announced now. Can tilt the 3DS for control, or use traditional buttons / pad. 3DS camera puts your faces in the game. Believe that was a September release.

Now a brand new Super Mario. "This is the first 3D Mario adventure created from scratch for a portable system."

Kid Icarus gameplay video. Forgot about this one a little bit. No date: "Coming soon!" 3v3 multiplayer.

Wow. Luigi's Mansion 2 for 3DS footage. Surprise.

It's here: The Wii U.

"Up until now, home console games have to occupy the TV screen. 6.2-inch screen built into controller. You won't need to give up your gameplay when someone else comes into the room."

Click to view larger image Backwards compatible with Wiimotes. Told you.

It seems to do everything. A girl has just played golf using the screen as a sensor. Bonkers.

Touch screen, two thumbsticks. It's what we thought, only better.

Wii U games to play in LA this week. Reggie's going to tell us what they are.

Eight different "interactive experiences". That means mini-games.

Prototypes says Reggie.

"New Super Mario Bros Mii". Tasty.

LEGO City Stories from TT Games is one game that can be announced. Erm. Huh?

Big developer support. EA, 5th Cell, Namco, Warner.

Wow. Arkham City, Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon Online, Darksiders II.

DiRT, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

This. Is. Hardcore.

Riccitiello's on stage from EA. Battlefield!

So there you have it. As we predicted. It only does everything... and more besides.