Nintendo Wii U: In-depth hands-on

Nintendo hands us a Wii U controller and we get it dirty

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Although there isn't a great deal of content on the show floor to demonstrate the controller's motion-sensing capability, there is a demo called Shield pose, which has you moving the controller up, down, left and right in rhythm as instructed by an on-TV pirate. The gameplay is basic and uninspiring, but what is interesting about this demo is how the controller acts as a second window into the world around you, this view changing realistically (and perfectly in sync) as you move the controller around (similar to Sony's demonstration of Hot Shots Golf on Vita earlier this year).

Sadly, Nintendo kept the Wii U console itself locked in a clear plastic box, preventing us from fiddling with it. But you've seen the pictures - it looks like a fatter, curvier Wii with a similar flap, front-loaded disc slot and sync button.


Is the Wii U's controller the Nintendo revelation hardcore gamers have been waiting for? It certainly mixes things up and those dual analogue sliders will certainly prove far more competent for shooters and other core games than the Wii Remote ever was. But the screen and its ability to create new experiences is what this controller is all about.

Nintendo already showed during its conference numerous clever ways the small screen can be put to use in games, but it doesn't just enhance gameplay - it's a lifestyle tool too.

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