Pikmin 3 confirmed for Nintendo Wii U

Miyamoto confirms HD sequel for the GameCube series

Pikmin 3 is in development for Nintendo's new high-definition console, Wii U.

So confirmed Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto during a Nintendo roundtable event today (as in Tuesday here in LA). What's more, Miyamoto suggested that, despite its E3 no-show, the game could be closer to release than you might expect.

"As we have been working on the Wii U hardware I have been thinking that it is the perfect system for Pikmin, so we are going to make it on that," he said (courtesy of ONM). "Because we have been working on Pikmin on Wii for a while, maybe it won't take too long for it to be finished."

With the exception of a Wii re-release, the Pikmin series has been dormant since 2004 when Pikmin 2 arrived on GameCube.