Super Mario 3DS gets Zelda stage, new details

New Mario game could focus on Tanooki Suit return

Nintendo's revealed a smattering of new potential details on the upcoming Super Mario 3DS game.

The details came out of a Nintendo E3 roundtable last night, following the Wii U platform holder's main presentation yesterday, and it appears that the final direction of the game is not yet fully nailed down.

"This is a working title," said Nintendo's Yoshiaki Koizumi. "It's something we are still talking about and it's all Mr Miyamoto's fault! We do have a little more time to work on the title, and there are a few key words we're thinking about."

Speaking in front of a large picture of the game's title page, which of course features the famous Tanooki trail, Miyamoto added: "You might be able to see some visual clues here on the screen. You can probably guess the sort of worlds we are thinking of."


In a nod to this year's 25 years of Zelda celebrations, Nintendo also demoed a Zelda-style stage in the new Mario game which featured the same overhead view, similar traps and the single-screen scrolling of the original Legend Of Zelda on the NES.

The pair also described the new 3D Mario as the "the most Mario-like Mario game," referring to the flagpole which marks the end of each stage, and the inclusion of a dash button.

Super Mario 3DS was shown off at Nintendo's E3 press conference yesterday. Read all about it here.