'John Carmack is most important man in games - Anyone who says otherwise is lying'

Rage creative director nominates in no uncertain terms

Who do you think is the most important person in video games? If you didn't say id Software's John Carmack then you're lying, as far as Rage creative director Tim Willits is concerned.


When our man at E3 asked the id dev who he thought was the most important person in our industry he answered instantly and said it was nothing to do with company allegiance:

"John Carmack. If anyone tells you someone else, they're lying."

He's equally sure of upcoming shooter with racing side-cart Rage: "I'll be honest with you it's exciting. It's different from Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein. It has so much to offer, it's really id's best game."

Plenty of Rage material has streamed out of E3 2011 in Los Angeles. Not least the eight minutes of gameplay footage that made our inbox buckle in the run up to open doors.