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Guitar Hero 'is going to be on Wii U' - Pachter

"Guy who runs" the franchise reportedly confirms a new series entry

While Activision axed its Guitar Hero business unit in February, it did leave the door ajar for future games in the once giant music series.

And according to Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter, the publisher will release a new Guitar Hero title for Nintendo's just announced Wii U console.


Speaking to GameTrailers, he said he'd had a conversation with "the guy who runs Guitar Hero" at E3 this week, in which said guy confirmed a new GH title will appear on Wii U.

"I walked out with the guy who runs Guitar Hero," said Pachter. "And I said, 'I can't believe that that's not on Wii U', and he goes 'It'll be on Wii U, but we're not gonna announce that yet.' And so there you go."

Pachter went on to apologise to Dave, "the guy who runs Guitar Hero", for blabbing.