PS3 'more open' than Xbox 360 to DUST 514 tech

CPP explains PlayStation exclusivity

EVE Online console spin-off DUST 514 is something only PlayStation 3 owners will be able to get their hands on upon its release.

The reasons for the Sony exclusivity are both ideological and practical according to developer CPP Games' senior producer Torfi Frans and DUST producer Thomas Farrer.


"Sony understand," said Frans in an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun. "They have an understanding, and they're curious."

"Our vision for the future is more closely aligned," Farrer added.

"For example, most of DUST is running on our own technology, it's running on our own super-computer, on Tranquillity. And Sony is a lot more... open, shall we say, to allowing you to do those things.

"It may seem silly, but on Xbox Live your identity is your Xbox Live identity. In the EVE universe, having people not know who you are is quite important."

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Sony branded DUST 514 screenshots released on Monday confirmed the game's exclusivity and further suggested it's actually something of a looker.