Modern Warfare 3 - 13 minute gameplay video

Black Tuesday mission shows America crumbling under Russian invasion

Here's 13 minutes of uninterrupted Modern Warfare 3 gameplay showing off the shooter's Black Tuesday mission.

With America struggling to cope with a Russian invasion force, it sees you tasked with fighting your way to the US Stock Exchange.

Quietly released on Monday via GameTrailers (sorry, we missed it), the movie features street-based gunplay and rooftop sniping, while the player also gets to use a UAV to drop missiles on opposition troops from the sky and a mounted helicopter gun to take out enemy choppers.

If you didn't see it the other day, Infinity Ward showed off a load more Modern Warfare 3 gameplay at Microsoft's E3 press conference, including gunplay aboard a Russian sub attacking the American coastline and a boat driving sequence.

[ SOURCE: GameTrailers ]