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New Batman: Arkham City screens, art show Riddler, Catwoman and Penguin

Heroes and villains

Warner Bros has sent over a few new screenshots from Rocksteady Games' eagerly anticipated Batman: Arkham City.

The screens show Batman dealing his brand of vigilante justice to the various thugs and goons within the walls of Arkham City.

Batman villain Riddler, who made a behind-the-scenes appearance in Batman: Arkham Asylum, can also be seen on a giant screen in one of the images. Along with the screens are renders of Penguin and Catwoman.

New Batman: Arkham City gameplay footage came out of E3 earlier this week showing a section of Catwoman action with Rocksteady's Sefton Hill talking through what's going on.


Discussing the length of the main story and side-missions in Batman: Arkham City, Rocksteady has said the game offers over 40 hours of content.