Batman Arkham City: 10% of game will be playable Catwoman

Bats only taking up nine tenths of control time

Warner Bros has told CVG that players will spend one tenth of Batman: Arkham City's campaign controlling Catwoman.

At a special behind-the-scenes demo of the game at E3 2011 today, we asked a rep how much player-controlled Catwoman would feature.

He said: "It's a substantial portion of the game. You'll control her for around ten per cent of the time of Arkham City's story."

We've just been - ahem - hands-on with the lovely Selina Kyle, and we're happy to report that she's no pussycat.

Although similar to Bats' control system, she is far more acrobatic, flicking across the screen via a series of somersaults, cartwheels and bendy body tricks.


Her story will be "interwoven" with Batman's throughout the game. We played a section in which the mesmerising Ms. Kyle was en route to steal some riches from the vicious, closed off Arkham City penetentiary - only to be stopped by Two Face and dangled above some acid.

Bats swooped in to save her, with a host of new combat moves, including a nice moment when we used grappled a man in the chest, pulled him towards us and punched him in the face.

We also got a look at the yellow-toothed cockney Penguin, who set the prisoners of four giant cells free to do battle with the Dark Knight. We did the decent thing, and left none of them concious.

Elsewhere, it appears The Joker isn't quite a debilatated by his illness as first feared. The smiling crazy aimed a sniper bullet at Ms. Kyle's head, but Bats whisked her away from danger just in time. As Harley Quinn put it: "Mr J's not feeling himself at the moment. Well, he was earlier, but that's a different story."