PlayStation Vita is region free - Sony

New handheld won't be locked down to territories

The PlayStation Vita will be region free meaning any system will play games from any territory.

Japan, US, Europe; it doesn't matter according to Sony's vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe Michael Denny, at least, he's pretty sure it doesn't.


When asked whether Vita handhelds would be locked down to specific regions by IGN, Denny said that "to the best of his knowledge" they wouldn't.

It's good news but not altogether unexpected since the PlayStation 3 is also region free. The Vita has at least one up over the 3DS though, Nintendo's handheld is locked down.

So, obscure Japanese titles? Bringing back new games from holiday? Beating a staggered release schedule with imports? It's all good.

Our man on the ground at E3 went hands-on with the PS Vita and it's safe to say he was impressed. See for yourself in our PlayStation Vita hands-on video.