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Itagaki's Devil Third is 30% complete

"True form" of the game to be shown at TGS

Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki first revealed his new game to be Devil's Third in June last year.

It looks like we could be waiting up to another four years for the action title then, because Itagaki has said that Devil's Third is currently 30 percent complete, adding jokingly that "there really isn't much difference between 20% and 30%," according to Andriasang. Great stuff.


The interview comes out of Japanese mag Famitsu, in which Itagaki explains that "the quality isn't there yet" and that the devs are upping the quality from here on out. That's at least 70 percent of quality upping.

Elsewhere, "Famitsu noted that Itagaki's past titles have taken some innovative challenges in the online area," reports Andriasang.

"Asked if Devil's Third will take similar challenges, Itagaki responded in the affirmative. He wouldn't get into details, though, saying that it's a secret. However, he did hint that whatever he's talking about, it will be something unique to Devil's Third."

Joking aside, THQ has said that we can expect Devil's Third next year. Maybe.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]