Bobby Kotick wanted to play Battlefield 3 at E3. EA said No.

Update: Activision boss asked for a cheeky gander. True story.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick wanted to play Battlefield 3 at E3 2011 yesterday. Only one problem: he had to get past EA.

A senior informant has told CVG of how they witnessed Kotick's PA discuss Bobby's chances of a hands-on trial of the military FPS with EA reps on the door of the publisher's non-public presentation.


Our deepthroat tells us that the female assistant hopped to the front of the EA queue on Wednesday morning (08/06/11). The DICE-developed military title is only being shown behind closed doors in Los Angeles - and not on console.

Her request was reportedly stewed over for a minute in private, until an EA rep re-emerged on the public show floor. He then explained that senior management had been consulted about the Activision chief's request, but that "it would not be possible".

[Update: Activision has denied that the incident took place. Spokesperson Dan Amrich said on Twitter: "Okay, checked here, and as I thought, the whole "Bobby denied" thing is not true. Did not happen. Someone is pulling your leg, folks." Our very senior source remains very adamant that it did.]

Kotick's company is showing off BF3 competitor Modern Warfare 3 at E3 - a presentation which is also invite-only.


We're told by our witness that Kotick's PA put up a small conversational fight before walking away. She did not look in a good mood. Our observer asked an EA rep on the door for clarification of what he thought he'd seen immediately afterwards, and the events were corroborated.

Seriously, though. Beyond amazing.

EA's Battlefield 3 will be released on 360, PS3 and PC on October 25 in the US and three days later in Europe.

Activision's Modern Warfare 3 will hit the same formats on November 8 worldwide.

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