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The best Xbox trailers of E3 2011

Halo, Tomb Raider, Gears...

The E3 train has reached its destination and barring any shock post-show announcements we've seen pretty much everything developers and publishers had to offer.

Microsoft was unfortunate enough to run into a 'kids found the presents on Christmas eve' situation, so the unveiling of a Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake and Halo 4 didn't have as big as an impact as they should have had.

But there were still plenty of exciting trailers shown at its press conference and along with the help of a few third-party games Microsoft managed to pull a strong E3 performance out of the hat. To bring you up to speed - and to give ourselves another excuse to re-watch these videos - we've rounded up a few of our favourite Xbox trailers from E3.

These include a mixture of Microsoft exclusives and third party titles we're looking forward to playing on Xbox 360. The list contains a mixture of hardcore titles such Halo and Gears and a few Kinect games like Gunstringer. Check out all of them in the playlist below and remember to go full screen to watch them in HD.

This video is no longer available

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These are just a few of some our favourites, but we want to hear what videos are getting your clicks. Let us know in the comments below.