'Half the Soul Calibur 5 cast will be new,' says Namco

Fighter is only 15 percent complete

Since its announcement in May, Namco Bandai has confirmed two new characters for Soul Calibur 5.

However, speaking to CVG at E3, the developer has revealed that over half of the new game's cast, which it anticipates will be between 20 and 30 characters, will be fighters fans have never seen before.

"We're anticipating somewhere between 20 and 30 characters, of which about half of them will be entirely new characters and half will be returning" said the Namco Bandai rep.


Along with new characters Pyrrha and Patroklos, the developer has also released a few screenshots showing aged versions of Mitsurugi and Seigfried.

The developer went on to say that the fighter is "only 15% complete" and that it has plenty more to add to the game.

The first Soul Calibur V gameplay trailer was released just before the start of E3.