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Now Nintendo's Reggie checks out E3 rival

We saw him stomping around private Xbox stand

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has been busy checking out the competition at E3 2011 over the past couple of days - but unlike Activision boss Bobby Kotick, Reggie's rivals have welcomed him with open arms.

CVG was told yesterday by a very senior source that Kotick's PA had asked EA reps if her boss could enter the closed-off E3 Battlefield 3 booth - only to be greeted with a firm 'no'. Activision has since denied the exchange took place, but our source remains adament.


Today, CVG was observing game demos at the similarly cordoned-off Microsoft E3 booth, right in the centre of the South Hall - and who should we spot striding across the Xbox-branded carpet but Reggie himself, flanked by his aides.

The exec's presence created a noticeable buzz amongst Microsoft's whispering on-floor team - but we didn't manage to catch a photo before he quickly disappeared down the stage's exit stairs.