Bleszinski: PSN hack paranoia may hold back industry

Epic man calls on Microsoft to open up to Apple

Epic Games design chief Cliff Bleszinski has revealed his hope that Gears Of War will one day be playable in some form on both an iPhone AND Xbox 360 - but suggested that industry-wide fears surrounding the Sony PSN hack make it less likely to become a reality.

CVG asked Bleszinski at E3 today whether he wanted Gears Of War to come to mobile - even if that just meant Microsoft's Windows phones. He replied:


"What I would like to do eventually down the line is get to the point where we not only have a Windows phone but an iPhone [game]... basically to have those devices [and Gears Of War on console] talk to each other - like if I have a mini-game on mobile and, say, polish my lancer while I'm at the pub, then I come back and it's stronger [in the main game]. That's where it's all got to go. All the developers recognise this, but what needs to happen is the patform holders need to have their platforms open to this idea.

He continued: "Especially when you look Sony and what happened with the PlayStation Network - I have a feeling networks are [now] going to get more guarded before they become open in the future. That's kind of a shame, because I'd have loved to, you know, make a future triple-A game that then has a mobile component which directly ties into it."

Cliff showed us Gears Of War 3 behind closed doors at the Microsoft booth in L.A today, where we spotted Nintendo big man Reggie Fils-Aime striding about. And no, we didn't snigger when he said "polish my lancer".

The epic-developed title looks gorgeous, as you can see for yourself from our off-screen E3 footage taken on the show floor below. Gears Of War 3 is due for release exclusively on Xbox 360 in September.

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