Your most anticipated E3 games - Covered

The E3 bits you were waiting for, delivered...

What a week. We're back at home, not quite over the jet-lag and far from over the great gaming experience that was E3 2011.

We went into the week with a clear idea of what we wanted to see and so did you lot. In fact, you told us in no uncertain terms what you wanted to see by voting in your thousands across Twitter, Facebook and right here on CVG.

Six games in particular floated to the top of your most anticipated pile and each got more than its fair share of representation at the L.A convention centre. Now that we're sitting in the relative silence of everyday life, we thought it'd be nice to relive the announcements, insights, screenshots and trailers of your most sought after titles. If nothing else it's one last taste of the E3 2011 experience. We hope you had fun.


We got our first bit of Resident Evil E3 goodness before the working week had even begun.


An Operation Racoon City cinematic scene-setter and a handful screenshots were chucked against our front door on Sunday morning meaning our much appreciated lie-in before at least five days of E3 madness was over. "Well, we're up now," we thought so we brushed our teeth and trundled over to L.A to see what else Capcom had on offer.

There turned out to be a fair amount zombie killing on show and we got well and truly to grips with the shooter. We didn't forget you lot though, you can see Operation Raccoon City exactly as we did with these three off-screen gameplay videos.


Keeping with the undead theme, Dead Island was next on your list of most anticipated for E3. It's been on the radar ever since that famous 'it's sad because it's slow and backwards' trailer but there wasn't all that much Dead Island that came out of E3.


The trailer we did get, however, was a substantial one and encompassed everything we can expect from the unusually bright zombie massacre.

We got a glimpse at the dynamic limb removal that the engine's happily capable of and some of the improvised weapons. So far, that seems to mean bludgeoning with some everyday objects and electrifying others before using them to bludgeon.

The trailer of course ends with the melancholy piano signature of the original 'get crying because it's in reverse' trailer, only this time it's punctuated with protagonist Sam B lobbing an axe into a zombo's thought chamber. Nice.


Things kicked off for Battlefield on Monday during, predictably, the EA press conference and it certainly seem to have avoid the dust on its journey to L.A. Still one of the most beautiful things we've seen coming out of a screen, Battlefield 3 wowed us on the big screen with the usual combination of crisp detail and stunning lighting effects.


A massive hunk of gameplay went on show and, compared to the impressive but chaotic Modern Warfare 3 demo on the Microsoft stage, it was methodical and actually quite measured considering the genre. But what are we telling you for? You can look at the gameplay footage and judge for yourself.

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