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And this was the first time we got a look at Battlefield 3 on console, with the footage shown off apparently a mix from the PC and the PS3. The 360 version wasn't at E3, simply because it wasn't ready, but you can assume it will be fairly similar to what the PS3 is putting out.

We did, however, get a release date and a multiplatform beta out of the EA conference as well as Battlelog, which looks like it will stand eye-to-eye with Activision's Call of Duty: Elite. All in all it was a fruitful slice of expo.

Even better for a lucky few was the chance to get a hands on with Battlefield 3. No, not you Bobby Kotick.

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Catwoman led the way into E3 for Batman: Arkham City when we got the first bit of gameplay footage featuring the feline foe. Rocksteady shed a bit of light on Selina Kyle's involvement in the game as well, saying that ten percent of Arkham City is dedicated to players getting catty. Not a huge chunk then but just enough to potentially be called a nice nugget of gameplay variation for fans.


That's if the Catwoman sections are any good, of course. Rest easy, after getting hands-on with Arkham City we can confirm that the girl's a goer. We also got the chance to chat to Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill, who told us all manner of things about the studio and Arkham City.

Hill sounds more than happy to continue the franchise beyond Arkham City, telling us there are still plenty more stories in the Batman canon to excite and inspire the self -confessed nerds at Rocksteady.

They might even branch out to the Dark Knight's superchums one day.


If there's one thing you can say for certain about BioWare it's that the studio knows how to make a pretty game. At least that's what we took from the first Mass Effect 3 gameplay footage to come out of E3. See for yourself. We grabbed some footage for you at the show and, even though it's off-screen, it looks absolutely stunning.


Our man in L.A, Tim Clark saw the game in action and, in his preview, was forced to admit that the opening sequence almost managed to make him shed a tear. We can vouch for Clark's man credentials, he chews glass every weekend, but apparently the Mass Effect 3 opener simply packs that much of a punch.

"It easily blows away the brilliant intro from Mass Effect 2," he said.

What we're not quite so convinced by is the Kinect integration in BioWare's latest. It seems like a bit of a forced add-on with players using Kinect's voice recognition software to select from Shepard's conversation tree. Surely it's easier, and perhaps more socially acceptable, to just go down the old fashioned route and press a button here and there?

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