£229 UK PS Vita price 'what we predicted' - Sony

"I think it's aggressive," says European PlayStation boss

SCE Europe CEO Andrew House has told us the £229 and £279 PlayStation Vita price points indicated by retailers are "pretty much where I would have predicted" them to be.

Speaking to CVG's ground team at E3, the Sony exec said he feels the price point needs to be "aggressive" in order to build momentum for the impressive portable, which has been confirmed for release in some territories this year.


"I think the general reaction [to the price point] from most people has been positively surprised," House told CVG's interviewer. "I mean, if you looked online after the January announcement speculation was generally for a much higher price point.

"I think it's aggressive. We deliberately set it to be aggressive, the reason being I think you need to build momentum with a portable device very, very quickly and move very quickly from an early adopter audience and technology enthusiasts to a mass market proposition. Price is one of the tools that allow you to do that."

Sony No.2 Kaz Hirai told press this week that the company hopes to make a profit on Vita hardware within three years, in sharp contrast to the PlayStation 3 which was initially sold at a hefty loss and took years to enter the black.

House called the PlayStation Vita model "significantly better".

"Clearly I can't talk too specifically about profitability," he said. "The way I would frame it is we are certainly not in the same territory we were in in the first couple of years of PlayStation 3. It's a significantly better business model for us on Vita."

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