PlayStation Network hackers arrested in Spain

Three leaders of the Spanish arm of Anonymous picked up by cops

Spanish police have arrested three suspected hackers from the group Anonymous, which has been heavily linked to the PlayStation Network attack that dominated gaming headlines throughout much of May.

Cops said they picked up the trio in Barcelona after analysing more than two million lines recorded on web pages and chats, according to Times Live.


"One of them had in his home a server on which they coordinated and executed computer attacks on government, financial and business web pages around the world," police said in statement.

The suspects are said to have launched online attacks on PSN, banks BBVA and Bankia, Italian power company Enel, and the governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand.

It's still unclear what role they are accused of playing in the Sony attacks, which also hit Sony Online Entertainment. Anonymous has denied conducting the PSN attack, but it couldn't rule out the possibility that a splinter group of its members could be responsible.

Only yesterday, Sony No.2 Kaz Hirai said the company may never catch the PSN hackers or find out what customer information they stole.

[ SOURCE: Times Live ]