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CVG's Site Of The Week: Game Kudos

More internet goodness...

Last week's site of the week was awarded to The Level Up Times, a site that prides itself on having a real sense of connectivity with its readers as well as meeting the usual goals of delivering great gaming content.

This week we're slapping the backs of the folk over at Game Kudos. It's another site that has community at its heart but it doesn't go running to big names like Twitter and Facebook to enhance its readers' experience, it has its own community features.


Of course you can also expect great editorial. Game Kudos is increasingly focusing on its feature writing and has a gaming database and over a thousand videos to draw upon.
We sat down with the site's director Ming Fung to see what else was going on.

What sets Game Kudos apart from other sites?

Well my plan was and still is to make GK a community hub for all things games. There is a long way to go before we achieve this of course! The site has a lot of community features like Komrades (friends), Community Search, Twitter like status, Messaging, Kudos Points (XP) to 'gamify' the site.

I'm also very proud of the fact we now host 1000+ videos, not through YouTube but through our own solution. There's a gaming database we are populating over time, which we hope to leverage. We've got coverflow as well.

The other things that set us apart are the people that work with me on GK. We all obviously love games and all bring something unique to the table. I come from an IT/Technology background myself and wanted at one stage to be games developer. However, choices were made and 2 years ago I decided to create GK in order to keep myself close to the industry I love.

It's certainly been an advantage coming from a technology background as the site itself and the CMS are custom built which gives us lots of flexibility and room to grow. It's mixed group and to be honest that's the way I like it, but we've managed to bring our professional experience to the site.

What would you say you specialise in?

Like most sites we do our share of News, Reviews and Features. However if I had to be specific I'd say we're trying to focus on good quality writing and features going forward. It was always my intention to have features be the heart and soul of GK. It's a high bar to aim for and will obviously take time.

My ultimate aim one day is to have features discussing gaming culture and history, as well as the staple diet of news and reviews. I'd also like the community aspect of the site to bloom. It's an evolving process.

What do you have planned for the future?

I've so many plans, where do I begin? We're looking to increase our feature writing which up to this point has been more of a drip than a waterfall. I'm planning to do more with the community aspects and gaming database which means further enhancements to our site and CMS, but that's top secret!

We will need to use our podcast capability and we're looking to grow the team. We actually just went live with new changes to the site.

I'm always describing working and evolving GK like a JRPG grind!