Fable: The Journey 'is a core game' - Molyneux

Drawing the core away from their controllers "is a challenge that's not for the faint hearted"

Peter Molyneux has confirmed that Fable: The Journey is being designed as a core game.

Speaking to journalists at E3, the Lionhead boss acknowledged it would be no easy task to draw in core gamers, who tend to be "really tied to their controllers".


Molyneux said: "This started only eight months ago when Microsoft came to us and said, 'hey, could you do a core game for Kinect?'

"We had been working on a project called Milo for well over a year so we had lots of experience with Kinect, but this is a challenge that's not for the faint hearted, to be honest with you, because I think that the core, as such, are really tied to their controllers.

"I think what we need to do is to prove that you can have as full and engaging and as immersive and as easy to control and as comfortable a game as anything you'd have on a controller," he added.

Molyneux also said of this week's Fable: The Journey E3 video demonstration: "I made a horrendous mistake on the press demo of taking out the navigation allowing players to move. I'll just state on record now that Fable: The Journey is definitely not on rails."