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What was YOUR favourite E3 2011 moment?

Debate: Give us your verdict...

We can finally put E3 back in its box for another year, satisfied and slightly sleepy after getting our gaming fill.

We've been telling you what we thought about every little fraction of expo every step of the way (don't mention it, just doing our jobs) but now we want to hear from you.


We want your overall thoughts on the occasion now that the dust has settled and, specifically, your favourite moments from E3 2011.

Maybe it was one of the platform holder's conferences or a particular announcement you'd been waiting for.

Maybe it was seeing a certain game for the first time or maybe even something as small as seeing Miyamoto messing around with the Zelda orchestra.

Heck, while we're at it, you may as well chuck in what you felt was the single worst moment of this year's E3.

We haven't had any stand out howlers that we can think of this year, so it should be interesting to see what you lot think.

Get chatting.