CVG: Comments of the Week

Roll up! Roll up! For the all-singing and slightly dancing E3 Special!

It's been an exciting week. Everyone's been busy saying their least favourite platform-holder is rubbish, and some of us have been leaving borderline-taste comments after the booth babe round-up. Whose keyboard musings were best though? It's time to find out!

Wii U supports achievements, online match scheduling via con

What do you suppose they will call the achievements? Miichievements? Wiichievements?

TimHotston opens the floodgates for a terrifying outbreak of Nintendo-related punnage. Stand well back everyone...




El Mag

U Wii Achievements




If it's anything like the Wii online service then they should call them under achievements.


Well done everyone. You might not know it, but you all just made CVG extremely proud.

Bobby Kotick wanted to play Battlefield 3 at E3. EA said No.

I'd have let him in, in exchange for the chance to kick him hard in the nuts, arrogant little sh*t.

Oh, Ali_ violence is never an answer. Kicking Kotick in his balls would only give him ideas of new ways to tighten his grip on yours...

Personally I'd have said yes, but make him wait for a free slot to become available. Then finally when a slot became available, charge him a subscription fee. Then explain processing his payment will take 3-5 days.

Well done Nathar you've got the right idea. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Play the long game.

First Tomb Raider gameplay video lands

For anyone who watched the demo at the MS conference yesterday: Did anyone else think it sounded very dirty for the 5 minutes?

Our man gmcb007 seems to have an exceptionally dirty mind. She's in peril, she's not doing sex noise!

Definitely one to play with headphones on else my neighbours will think I'm watching porn...again

Well, okay corkscru74 maybe there is a tiny amount of female love-grunting in there. Apologise to the neighbours, and remember to shut your curtains...

Star Wars Kinect: Gameplay video, details arrive

Can't say as I'm frothing at the gash, but it does not look awful.

High praise indeed altitude2k!. Day one purchase?

I just watched it. And now I want to shoot myself in the foot. I really want to shoot myself in the foot. And then let blood shoot out all over the carpet and a nearby mouse's face.

Crikey. RandyTandy is hyped for this one. His pet mouse also seems to be beside himself, and slightly bloody.

You seem to have to punch forwards to fire the lasers in the space battle. That could actually be genuinely funny.....for everyone watching you.

Clever old Ali_ sneaks into the week's best comments for the second time. Did you not receive the memo Ali? George says that laser-punches are cool.

Duke Nukem Forever is actually OUT - And here's proof

Oooh thats one of those special boxes for you get in CeX, which pay journalists salaries, isn't it?
No! Moribundman it is totally not. We keep our games locked in a vault. How dare you make such assumptions?