Official Xbox Magazine's game of E3: BioShock Infinite

Editor Jon Hicks shares his thoughts

E3 2011 is over, all of the biggest gaming news of the year is in the bag, and our Los Angeles soldiers are returning to the UK shattered, slightly chubbier - and thrilled by the prospect of what they've witnessed.


Here, the editors of the UK's biggest games magazines give CVG their opinion of this year's standouts - and name the one title that will live longest in their memory.

Jon Hicks: Editor, Official Xbox Magazine - Bioshock Infinite

"I'm sure I will be just one of many who say that Bioshock Infinite is the game of E3 2011, but it wasn't a runaway winner. The show floor was packed with impressive titles that are coming to 360. In particular, Battlefield 3 and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim were both hugely impressive - but they're maxing out their respective genres; Infinite impressed while still maintaining a sense of mystery as to what it'll offer.

"The demo looked spectacular in every sense, and illustrated a game with monumental ambitions: gigantic levels; combat that follows you on ground and in the air; the ability to reshape the level structure on the fly; a meticulously detailed world and a carefully intellectual storyline.

"This isn't a spooky funhouse where people attack you on sight, it's a huge and rather disturbing place that I can't wait to explore myself. I'd even go so far as to suggest it might actually be deserving of that most over-used description... 'epic'."

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