Doom 4 multiplayer 'will have Rage quality finish' - Carmack

id legend talks frame rate aspirations, studio structure

Id Software's John Carmack has said a few more words on the progress of Doom 4, saying that the studio is aiming to deliver a high-quality multiplayer experience.

As expected, development on the much anticipated FPS will be kicked up a gear once Rage leaves id's doors.

"I know we're not supposed to talk about it, but I'll tell you a couple of things. (Looks at media minder across the table.) So, as soon as Rage ships, the core tech team moves over to start making things happen on the Doom 4 project," he told Gamespot.


"There's me and the systems programmer types that have been on Rage for so long. We're going to move over to the Doom team and a lot of resources are going to migrate over there. And that's a necessary and key aspect of being a larger company; it gives us this ability to migrate people between the projects because it was something that we were really feeling the pinch before this.

"If you've got 50 people working on a project, it's not useful to have all of them on day one on there; you really want to have a smaller team building things. Then at the end now, we would have a hundred people on the team.

Carmack also told Gamespot a little bit more about his aspirations for frame rate in the game across single and multiplayer modes, pitching the latter to be level with Rage in terms of quality:

"The only thing I've really talked about on Doom 4, technology-wise, is that we did make the decision that...well, my biggest pride and joy about Rage is that I won the fight for 60 frames per second on there, but it involves significant trade-offs.

"You can't have 30 guys crawling all over you at 60 frames per second at this graphics technology level because it's painful. It's a lot of effort to do that. But, we did make the call that for Doom 4, the single-player is going to go 30 frames per second on the consoles. So we can have 30 demons crawling all over you on there. But the multiplayer is still going to be 60 frames per second, so it has the quality feel that Rage has."

Rage's creative director Tim Willits, on the other hand, wants every game to be better than the last and is therefore, naturally, is looking to outdo Rage with Doom 4. We're all for that.

[ SOURCE: Gamespot ]