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Xbox Live 'built into the PC' with Windows 8

Microsoft moving towards one media service across all devices

Xbox Live will be integrated into the next Microsoft operating system for PC, Windows 8, when it launches next year, Microsoft has said.

Microsoft interactive entertainment marketing chief Mike Delman told the Seattle Times that Xbox Live will be "built into the PC" and that online service will be "the pervasive media service across devices."


Windows 8 is, naturally, tipped as the package that will kick off Xbox Live integration with PCs.

Xbox Live first went beyond the Microsoft console in February last year when it was announced as a feature on Windows Phone 7.

The move to PCs will extend Microsoft's media integration across its platforms. Live TV, Youtube and Bing were all announced as coming to the 360 during E3.

Previously an online report has claimed that Windows 8 will "relaunch PC gaming", and that "gaming will be a key component for the whole OS".

[ SOURCE: PCR Online ]