Sony 'always open' to third-party PS3 exclusives

But SCEE boss thinks exclusive focus is declining

Sony Computer Entertainment is "always open" to third-party exclusives, European boss Andrew House has told CVG.

Speaking to our E3 team in Los Angeles last week, House pointed to new PS3 exclusive Dust 514 as "a great example of having an approach from a developer".

Asked if Sony's in the market for more deals like Dust, the SCEE boss replied: "Absolutely. I think there are clearly opportunities where developers or publishers want to focus their resources on a single platform - usually the one they think delivers the best experience for their vision around the game. That was the case with Dust and the guys from CCP.

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"So yes, we're always open to those sorts of approaches," he added. "I think you're right... we're not going to see as much exclusive focus because the increased cost of development does preclude that to a degree. But clearly there are opportunities out there and we'd love to explore them.

"I think you've got a few opportunities in the year when you want to attract some attention and make some news. E3 is one of those. Hopefully we've got some more interesting things up our sleeves for later on this year."

Two high profile PS3 exclusives notable in their E3 absence were Sony's Last Guardian and Rockstar's elusive Agent.

On the latter, House said he's "not brave enough to talk about Sam [Houser]'s creations on his behalf", while he blamed Last Guardian's no-show on the team being "hard at work". See his full answer in video form above.

In the same interview, House said £229 retailer listings for Vita are "where I would have predicted" and that Sony feels the price point needs to be "aggressive" in order to build momentum for the impressive portable.