Halo HD remake 'takes the past and makes it better'

343 Industries opens up on its design philosophy

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary "takes the past and makes it better", according to Dan Ayoub, executive producer at Microsoft's 343 Industries.

You'll be able to judge for yourself too, Ayoub told journalists at E3, where he demonstrated the HD remake's cool sounding 'Classic Mode'. "At the touch of a button anywhere in the campaign you can go back and see how the game looked at that point ten years ago", he explained.


Of course, the game will also support Achievements for the first time, as well as two-player co-op over Xbox Live and split screen play.

It'll feature seven multiplayer maps from Halo through Halo 3, one of which will be a Firefight one, said Ayoub, who showed press the original and new versions of popular online map Damnation.

"We're taking fan favourite maps and putting them into the Halo Reach engine for multiplayer, which lets us take a whole new take, so there's different ways to play the maps you love, because now you're able to play Damnation with a whole bunch of new things like armour abilities and jetpacks, which is going to completely change your gameplay."

Despite these changes and enhancements, Ayoub said nailing the feel of the original game is a key goal for the development team.

"The game's going to look amazing and sound amazing, but the test for us is how does it feel? Everyone remembers the first time they played Halo, it had such a distinctive feel and it launched a generation of shooters. It's really important for us to make sure that it plays exactly the same as it did ten years ago."

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was officially revealed at Microsoft's E3 conference last week.