Batman: Arkham City multiplayer would've been 'the easy decision'

But it would "absolutely" have taken away from single-player, says Rocksteady

Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill's said he can "absolutely guarantee" that adding a multiplayer mode to the brilliant-looking Batman: Arkham City would've taken away from the core game experience.

Speaking to CVG at E3 last week, Hill acknowledge that the choice is "a bold decision", but says it has been justified by the reaction from players and fans.

"We looked when we were making the game at what's important for the game... what's really important for the story we wanted to tell. And the thing we wanted to do, the thing that got us really excited was taking Batman in to this huge district of Gotham City and telling that story.

"So really that's the filter by which we looked at what we were going to do. We looked at multiplayer and said, 'is that essential to tell that story? It's not'."

Hill went on to admit, "It would've been an easier decision" to include multiplayer in the game, but "you wouldn't have got as good a Gotham City and you would've had an average multiplayer".

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He added: "I think it would've looked good on the box but at the end of the day as a studio we're all about gameplay, we're a gameplay driven studio.

"We firmly believe that what you do with your hands when you're playing the game and your interaction with the game is king. We just didn't feel that multiplayer was adding anything to that - it was taking away from that.

"It is a bold decision, but the thing I've been really happy with is how the fans and the players have come back to us and said, 'it's the right decision. If I want to play multiplayer, I can buy a multiplayer game. If I want a great story and a great single-player game, I can buy Arkham City.'"

The Rocksteady man concluded by stating: "This game wouldn't be the game it is now if it had multiplayer in. I can't absolutely guarantee that."

Hill also told us Rocksteady would consider other superhero adaptations. Hear the full interview in the video above.