Wii U 'arriving 2 years too late', has 'dumbest name ever' - Pachter

Analyst not overly impressed with Nintendo's console plans

The industry's best known analyst, Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter, has offered his verdict on this year's E3 show, calling the expo an event that "continues to get better and better", while damning Nintendo's Wii U plans.

Pachter says he believes Nintendo's new console "is arriving two years too late", while Sony's PlayStation Vita has "the second-dumbest name for a device after Wii U".

"We were once again impressed by this year's E3, and the show continues to get better and better," the analyst said. "The hardware displayed was impressive, and each of the console manufacturers showed many core games for their respective systems."


He continued, "The most impactful 'reveal' at the show was the Wii U, which, in our opinion, is arriving two years too late. Depending on pricing, the system will be either a phenomenal success or a phenomenal failure, as competitive bundles for Xbox 360 with Kinect and PS3 with Move are likely to be priced below $300 by the time the Wii U launches."

Of Microsoft's E3 showing, Pachter noted that Microsoft "appears to us to be making several sound business decisions that will position its console with Kinect as the media center in the living room."

He added: "While the company's game lineup was not particularly surprising (only Halo 4 and a handful of Kinect games were 'reveals'), its integration of Bing search into Kinect was perhaps the most impactful announcement of the show."

Turning to Sony, Pachter predicted that Vita is likely to take a solid portion of the handheld market.

"Sony's presentation was solid, and the pricing on PlayStation Vita (the second-dumbest name for a device after Wii U) was quite a surprise," he said. "We expect the 3DS to sell well at holiday, due to a phenomenal lineup of content, but think that the PS Vita will capture some share early next year."

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]