EA Sports: 'No hard feelings' with UFC

Exec has "nothing but nice things" to say about Dana White

EA Sports says there's "no hard feelings" between the publisher and UFC boss Dana White, despite a heated rivalry between its own MMA game and THQ's UFC Undisputed series.

UFC president White has previously thrown verbal blows at EA Sports over the company's alleged decision to turn down the opportunity to work with the body because it believed UFC was "not a real sport".


"They wouldn't even take a meeting because mixed martial arts disgusted them," White claimed in 2009, before calling the publisher "a joke" last year.

Speaking to CVG's E3 team last week though, EA Sports' senior VP of worldwide development Andrew Wilson said he has "nothing but nice things" to say about the UFC boss.

"I think Dana White is the consummate professional. I think what he's done for the UFC is pretty amazing, having watched it from when Zuffa took over a number of years ago," the EA Sports exec said.

"I have nothing but nice things to say about Dana - I think he does a great job. I watch every UFC there is, I watch every Strikeforce there is and a bunch of others that most people wouldn't worry about. I don't think there are any hard feelings there."

Last week THQ announced UFC Undisputed 3 for a 2012 release.

Meanwhile, Wilson said of a potential EA MMA 2 game: "I would like it to exist because I'd like to play it," but he added: "We're a consumer-driven organisation and we're going to build the games that gamers want to play."