'Too early to compare Wii U to 360/PS3' - Ubi dev

Ubisoft tech man Marc Parenteau brushes off hardware comparisons

Being the tech hounds gamers are, everyone's itching to know how powerful the Wii U is compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Ubisoft Quebec's senior technical architect Marc Parenteau, however, reckons it's too early for such comparisons.

"It's too early to make comparisons with that sort of thing," he said in response to such questioning at E3 last week, explaining that doing so would be unfair because of developers' long-running experience with the current consoles, lack of such with Wii U and the fact Nintendo still hasn't nailed down its specs.


"We're still learning how to maximize the usage of the hardware," he went on, saying, "The hardware is evolving a bit also. The dev kits are not final, so there's still some before the actual... uh... before we can make comparisons."

Parenteau went on: "You have to understand, we've been working on other engines for a long time so we need some time to catch up and get up to date on what we can do with the hardware. So to compare now wouldn't be fair."

He did however reveal that similarities between Wii and Wii U development will make it easier for developers to get to the fruit of the machine's power.

"Developers with Wii experience will find that there's a familiar set of APIs. New features, such as the multi-core processing extend the APIs in a natural way, with low-level but straight-forward calls."

What that means (we think) is basically the Wii U speaks the same language as its older brother, just a lot faster. So it's more powerful, but developers won't need to start from square one with learning how to access that power.

Other developers are apparently not as cautious, having reportedly estimated Wii U's brains to be as much as 50% more powerful than PS3.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]