3DS video services promises surprises every day

But you won't be allowed to save videos, reveals Nintendo

The 3DS eShop is out, but there's still more to come from Nintendo. A new 3DS video delivery service is on the way and promises to give you surprise new content to view "every day"

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and video content man Daiji Imai discussed the upcoming feature in a recent Iwata Asks interview.


Imai begins by explaining for the uninformed: "This service allows your Nintendo 3DS system to use the SpotPass feature to download 3D videos, so users can view new 3D videos each day. Until now, people have only been able to see 3D images in movies. That experience will now become much closer to them. And what's more, if SpotPass is activated, the videos come in automatically."

3DS' SpotPass feature is a mode in which the handheld remains connected to the internet when in sleep mode either via your home Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspots you pass through in the street, automatically downloading content.

"They come in before you know it, so you open your Nintendo 3DS system, and even if you're somewhere unconnected to the Internet, you can watch new 3D videos every day," says Iwata.

Those concerned about the video service filling their SD card needn't worry. "The videos swap in and out on their own, so each encounter with the videos is unique," says Iwata.

But that comes with its own drawback. Imai explains: "You can't save the videos. They come in each day, so the next day there are different videos."

Imai says the inability to save videos isn't just a space saving measure but also "partially because of video rights issues".

Elsewhere in the interview, Iwata said the 3DS eShop was designed for window shopping, making it easier for users to casually browse its content.

[ SOURCE: Iwata Asks ]