Naughty Dog 'excited' over new Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics' game gets thumbs up from Uncharted team

Former Crystal Dynamics employee and current Naughty Dog head honcho Evan Wells says he's keen to see what his former colleagues are up to with the new Tomb Raider - a game many believe stole the show at E3 2011 last week.

The Lara Croft-led franchise was once itself the talisman of PlayStation, but of late stands as a series that can barely hold a candle to its wisecracking, action-packed rival Uncharted. However, the stunning first gameplay footage of the title - at Microsoft's E3 conference - changed all that.


"It's exciting," Wells said of Lara's comeback. "I've not seen the demo but I saw that CG trailer that went out a couple of nights ago and that was fantastic. They executed it unbelievably well and I'm really excited about that game."

Which begs the question: in a dream world would he like to see Lara pop up in a Drake game on day, or vice versa? It's a question that makes him chuckle, but the answer is a predictable one: no. "We've seen some fan art online that shows how cool that could be, but I don't think that'll ever be on the cards."

But what of the future beyond Drake's Deception? Wells won't go so far as confirming Uncharted 4, but he does say that the series "wasn't conceived as a trilogy at all", and says that there are plenty more places he wants to take Drake once this outing is done:

"Every single episode is a standalone adventure. We full like we can keep putting him in these scenarios that are self-contained that anyone can pick up and play, but if you have played them and know the characters and storylines it can be an even more rewarding experience. I don't see why we wouldn't keep going and making more of those adventures as long we've got the ideas."

Tomb Raider won't be released until next year. Luckily, before then, we've got the arrival of Naughty Dog's splendid looking Uncharted 3 to look forward to, which will land on shelves in November.

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