Duke Nukem Forever review average struggles over 50% on 360 Metacritic

The long-awaited return fares better on PC and PS3

The Duke Nukem Forever review average has spluttered to 51 percent on Metacritic on Xbox 360 - but had a slightly better showing on PlayStation 3 and PC.

Although the PC version of game hits mediocre 76 percent on average, the console critics are more damning, doling out 65 on PS3 and 51 percent on 360.


It's the latest in what's been a disappointing return for 'the king' after 13 years in development.

The highest of the Duke Nukem Forever 360 reviews on Metacritic comes from which awards the Gearbox title 77 percent.

That's somewhat overshadowed, however, by the lowest score from Destructoid - a 20 percent score accompanied by the words "A festering irrelevance with nothing to offer the world."

Review scores were disappointing from the off for Duke, have a look at our Duke Nukem Forever review round-up to witness the crash.

[ SOURCE: Metacritic ]