Bleszinski: Xbox 360 isn't maxed out

Epic Games design VP says console's still got more to offer

Six years into its lifecycle, we haven't seen the best that Xbox 360 has to offer - and developers can still squeeze more out of the system.

That's according to Epic Game design chief Cliff Bleszinski, who said at E3 2011 last week that although it would be like getting "water from a stone", he still believed studios could push the hardware that little bit further.


Following a Gears Of War 3 demo, Bleszinski was asked if he thought his own game was evidence of the best we could expect on 360.

After acknowledging the query was a "loaded question", he replied: "Honestly [360] is a puzzle, a puzzle box. It's a matter of figuring out how to squeeze water from a stone at this stage in the generation.

"If you look at games like the new Tomb Raider, or look at Gears [3], these are games that weren't really possible when the consoles first came out. Only when the developers mastered what the console was capable of were they able to squeeze that much graphic power from it.

"I still think we can still squeeze some more out of it, right? It's a matter of optimising how you run your work flow and what you do with it."

We'd be surprised if there's much more to come - the Gears multiplayer gameplay footage we saw looked stunning, and more colourful than anything we've seen from the Epic series before. Check out some footage from the Microsoft E3 conference below.

Gears Of War 3 is due for release exclusively on Xbox 360 in September.

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