Psychonauts returns to Double Fine, 'announcement' teased

Studio re-acquires publishing rights for cult classic

Double Fine Productions, the developer of recent titles such as Brutal Legend, Stacking and the upcoming Trenched, has acquired the publishing rights to its much-loved platformer Psychonauts.

The news comes from Double Fine senior gameplay programmer Anna Kipnis, who revealed the studio "is now the sole publisher of Psychonauts" on Twitter yesterday.

Until now those rights were thrown back and forth between Majesco and THQ. The acquisition means that profits from sales of the game will now go exclusively to the developers and Double Fine is free to do as it pleases with the IP.


Kipnis followed her Tweet yesterday with another stating that the rights haven't changed hands yet and teased an "exciting DF official announcement". Fingers crossed for a sequel or HD update...

Psychonauts is currently available for purchase on Steam as well as Xbox's Games on Demand service.

Double Fine is currently working on a Sesame Street title for Microsoft's Kinect.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]