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Story is 'the final frontier for games,' says Darkness 2 dev

Digital Extremes' project director looks to innovate in new areas

With games like Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, Heavy Rain and L.A Noire prominent, it seems that developers are increasingly looking to put sophisticated story at the core of their games.

It's still a problematic area in a lot of cases, but Digital Extremes' The Darkness 2 looks to pick up from the original with an emotional narrative at the centre.


Project director Sheldon Carter told CVG he feels that story is one of the few stones left unturned in video games but it's where the industry will end up.

"I think it's a progression that everyone's going to get to eventually," he said. "I'm not trying to say we're ahead of the curve or anything like that, that's just the choice we made for this game.

"I think story is the final frontier for games. We're kind of getting there tech-wise. Mechanics-wise it's cool that we're innovating but it's still in the basic same themes. I think story is eventually where we'll all end up going."

Hollywood and now video game director Guillermo del Toro seems to agree. With narrative apparently at the centre of his inSANE, Del Toro is confident that video games will "completely take over storytelling in our society" in the not too distant future.