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PS3 will last 'a minimum' of 10 years - Sony

50 million sold "just the start", says SCEE boss

Sony Computer Entertainment is not only sticking to its guns on its predicted ten-year life-cycle for PS3 - it's told CVG that it sees a decade as the minimum lifespan of its current home console.

That's according to SCE Europe boss Andrew House, who said last week that Sony's just-hit 50 million units sold milestone is "just the start" for the console.


"I've always said [PS3's life-cycle will be] ten-plus years and the only question mark is how long the 'plus' is," House said, adding that "ten years I think is the minimum."

"What we've said many times before and we're confident about is we launched a device that is very, very powerful, that has a whole range of possibilities and that's at the very least a ten-year life-cycle. I know I'm guilty of repeating myself but I think it's always worth pointing out we're still selling PlayStation 2 in its millions around the world, 11 years after it was launched.

"That's different markets and a different profile of consumers but there's still some vibrant demand. That for me bodes extremely well for where the potential of PS3 will go."

Microsoft has recently been rumoured to be prepping plans for its next-generation console already - and last night it was reported the Xbox firm could show its hand as early as next year's E3. On whether it's the right time for Microsoft to succeed its console, the SCEE boss replied, "I think that's a question for Microsoft to address rather than us."

He added: "We've announced that we've hit a significant milestone with 50 million units sold worldwide, but I really do believe that that's just the start."

In the same interview Andrew House said Sony 'knows cross-game chat is a huge thing'.