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Wii U graphics card details emerge from 'AMD insiders'

Based on tech from 2009, runs on DX 10.1

While Nintendo is, as usual, keeping much of Wii U's hardware specs under wraps, a new report from Japan claims to have more specific details on the new console's graphics chip.

According to Japanese site Game Impress Watch (via Develop), an 'AMD insider' has revealed that the Wii U GPU is powered by a new version of the Radeon R770 GPU.


The report claims that AMD is creating a custom version of the R770 chips that surfaced in PC GPUs in 2009. Even more interesting is the claim that Wii U will support Direct X 10.1, higher than the DX9 capabilities of Xbox 360 and suggesting a considerably more capable machine than those available today.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata said that now it's announced plans to release a HD system many large third-party publishers are showing "great interest" in what it has to offer, and this will attract key franchises, first-person shooter in particular, that the Wii did not.

It has already been officially confirmed that AMD will supply the Wii U's GPU. Exact specs may never be released by Nintendo.

[ SOURCE: Game Impress Watch ]