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First pics of Wii U's vents and ports

Perv over the bits Nintendo has so far kept private

Nintendo only let us handle the Wii U's controller. The console was locked inside a plastic case. It didn't even show the machine at the press conference. Official pics have showed you its pretty face, but what about the rest of it.

On this page, courtesy of Japanese site Inside-Games, are the first pictures of the console private parts; its vent-covered underbelly and those all-important rear ports, the likes of which tech freaks (us included) get some strange form satisfaction checking out.


We see that this prototype (taking into consideration it may change before final release) uses the same power port as the Wii, and has a similar video out. Although you'll be wanting to use the HDMI port next to it for the HD visuals you've been crying for from Nintendo for the last six years.

The orange one is the sensor bar connector and it has a rear-facing cooling fan and two USB ports. All pretty much like Wii then, with the fabled HDMI output. And no wired Ethernet port we notice, so it'll presumably once again require a wireless connection (or one of those impossible-to-find USB Ethernet adaptors).

When you're done perving and if you're not out of tissues, you can ogle at these 21 pictures of the Wii U controller from every angle. Don't worry, it's a free tour.

[ SOURCE: Inside-Games ]