Sony: PS Vita matching PS3 product pipeline

Yoshida-san: "This means a lot."

Sony has told CVG that the number of titles being created for PlayStation Vita roughly matches PS3's production pipeline - a step change in focus since the PSP days.


Speaking before E3, Sony's head of WorldWide Studios Suhei Yoshida told us that the company's decision to concentrate much more on PS3 software than PSP titles was a "mistake" and hurt the handheld.

However, he asserted that it wasn't an error Sony would be making twice.

"We are doing about the same number of titles [on Vita as on PS3] so that means a lot," he stated. "One of the things we didn't do to well to support PSP was that right after PSP came out we moved on to working on the PS3 launch titles.

"So we shifted too much resource out of PSP so after a couple of years the PSP support when quickly down.

"We tried to back it up a couple of years ago but there was a time where we were not offering enough PSP content. So going forward we do not want to make the same mistake so we always look at the balance that we are doing in support of both PS3 and NGP."

Sony unveiled PlayStation Vita at E3 2011 last week. The handheld, which is expected to launch before the end of the year, is on sale for around £230 in the UK.