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Iwata: Single Wii U controller per console is a "cost issue"

Two controllers would result in a "considerable" price increase for consumers

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said the reason Wii U will only support one controller per console is "a cost issue".

The executive told Japanese business site Diamond Online (via Kotaku): "There's a cost issue. Technically, it is possible for the Wii U to support multiple Wii U controllers," but doing so would lead to a "considerable" price increase.


"We're not planning on asking our customers to buy multiple Wii U controllers," Iwata added.

Speaking on the same subject earlier this week, the executive told Nintendo shareholders: "In the future, we may look at what other opportunities there are for gameplay and, how having two of those controllers might create fun or interesting new styles of play, but of course in doing that, it would require a consumer to purchase an additional controller.

"Therefore, we would need to carefully consider how we could create such an experience and, potentially, how we could ensure that there would be enough value within that experience for the consumer to accept that cost and make that purchase."

In addition to the new controller, Wii U will support Wii MotionPlus controllers, which obviously don't come with a cool six inch screen.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]