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Black Ops Annihilation map pack officially announced

Shooter's third DLC offering hitting Xbox Live on June 28

Activision's officially announced the third Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, Annihilation.

Set to debut on Xbox Live on June 28, it'll feature four new competitive multiplayer maps and a new Zombies level.


Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia said: "With Annihilation, Black Ops fans will get four exciting and unique multiplayer settings with Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo and Hazard.

"Players will also enjoy an all-new Zombies experience, Shangri-La, an exotic and mysterious map filled with deadly traps, dark secrets and innovative gameplay that will challenge even the most daring Zombie hunters."

The DLC will hit PS3 and PC at a later date.

There's no official screens or a trailer yet, but the map pack and its contents - minus the wicked-sounding Zombies level - were leaked earlier this week via retailer promotional material.

The official press release didn't include a price either, but 1200 MS Points (£10.28) is the standard cost of CoD map packs and this one will likely be no different.