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Microsoft obtains Halo 4 domain via secret dealings

Cash-in or court case?

Microsoft announced Halo 4 at E3 (in case you missed it) but has only just acquired the domain.

The web address was acquired by the platform holder yesterday, but this was no ordinary $10 a year purchase because wasn't actually available.


On Tuesday the domain name belonged to a Mr. Scott O'Reilly of Rochester US, who is now either rubbing his shoulders after bearing the mighty weight of Microsoft or rubbing his hands as he watches his bank balance increase.

We can't actually determine whether O'Reilly was given the stick or a carrot from Microsoft in exchange for the Halo URL because the man isn't allowed to say.

O'Reilly told that the only term of the agreement with Microsoft that he is allowed to disclose is that he isn't allowed to disclose the terms of the agreement.

Very Fight Club.

Microsoft has said that Halo 4 marks the beginning of a new Halo trilogy, which might run to the Xbox 720.

We've had a look folks, and all of the Halo domains to come appear to have been taken by various individuals.

[ SOURCE: Fusible ]