The 9 most exciting PlayStation Vita games

Our most anticipated titles on Sony's new handheld...

The PlayStation NGP was properly flaunted for the first time throughout E3, now as the PlayStation Vita.

We're more than a little bit excited about the new Sony handheld, which boasts enough power to deliver a PS3 experience in the palms of your hands. At least that's what 'they' say.

Just as impressive through is the line-up of games that's set for the portable. Here are our preliminary picks for what we think will be the Vita's showcase pieces. Don't forget to give us your opinion in the comments section, kids.


LittleBigPlanet came into the world like Super Nanny and started changing the way we do things without a moments hesitation. LittleBigPlanet 2 took those foundations and went way beyond the platforming genre.

LittleBigPlanet on Vita interests us because we feel comfortable in expecting more than just a PS3 port but also because of the way it utilises as many of the PSVita's bits of tech as possible.

You only need to watch a gameplay trailer to see how everything from the touchscreen to the sixaxis motion sensors will be used in genuinely game-enhancing ways. If there's a name we can trust to be inventive it's LittleBigPlanet.


We've always been WipEout fans, ever since it glided into our hands on the original PlayStation. WipEout 2048 on the Vita is looking every bit as special as the futuristic racing series ever has. But it's special for some more specific reasons as well.

While a lot of the Vita games will be making use of the handheld's touchscreen and tilty bits, WipEout is actually going to have cross-play capabilities with the PS3's WipEout Fury and augmented reality features. Take that 3DS. Add to that 20 new ships, 10 new tracks and what looks like the usual blend of intense velocity and futuristic combat and we think this one will be a winner.

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Maybe we're jumping the gun a little bit here since we haven't seen or heard a single thing about the upcoming Bioshock game for Vita other than it's happening. But do we really need details to get excited about another Ken Levine creation? Do we really need 'evidence' before we get in-line for another adventure in the Bioshock universe?

We're sure whatever Bioshock Vita brings to the table will be another characterful cavalcade of quality. We're even more reassured when Levine talks with conviction about how Bioshock on the new Sony handheld needs to be a brand new experience. We can tell he's really behind this one and so are we... Whatever it may be.


This is one of the few games that have been concocted with the PlayStation Vita solely in mind. With Little Deviants it's all about showing off what all the little Vita gadgets can do. In a string of mini games (30 in total) every tech features of the handheld will be brought into play; the back camera is used for an augmented reality shooter, the touchpad is used to roll the Deviants around in another game.

Eventually multiple gizmos will be brought into play at the same time to really put you to the test. Essentially it's a group of simple gaming concepts, but its looking like a pretty fun way to get to grips with everything the handheld can do, even if it doesn't put much pressure on the GPU.

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We'll be honest, whether we're talking about a handheld or a full-on console, we're just excited about Street Fighter X Tekken full stop. Come on now, it's a crossover between the two greatest fighting franchises on the planet, who are you to be anything less than quivering with anticipation?

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