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Amazing Duke Nukem Forever PC is fit for a King

Custom-built hardware would surely please the Dook

NVIDIA has built a rather astounding custom Duke Nukem Forever PC - and it's certainly fit for the man himself.

Project: Hail to The King was built by Richard Surroz for the game's launch. And as you can see from the photos of how he built it, it was no mean feat.


Built around three 'pods,' eeach element of the mod was custom-designed, including the actylic surrounding that holds the ASUS 3D monitors.

As well as 'top-end NVIDIA hardware', it also features a replica, rotating chaingun. Come get some.

"Shortly after our huge success with the Kegputer at CES, Kris Rey from NVIDIA and I were bouncing ideas back and forth about what project we wanted to take on next. In late January I suggested we do a mod for the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever," Surroz explains on the NVIDIA blog.

"This particular title intrigued me because I played the heck out of Duke Nukem 3D back in the early 1990s when I was a deputy sheriff - I guess it is ironic that a cop loved a game where he got to take out 'pig cops.' And anyone who has followed my mods knows I also love dark and mature design themes so Duke was a perfect opportunity to explore that avenue."


Aparrently the acrylic for the six-foot beast was cut by 'Danger Den'. We like the sound of Danger Den. Surroz continues:

"The pods were so large I could not use a strip acrylic heater to bend the material so I had to use a powder-coating oven large enough to fit a truck into to heat the acrylic.

"Finally, my wife and I bent the material over an Uncle Buck to form the desired perfect circular shape, and all in all the bending took two trips to the powder coating shop and about three hours total.


"With all the case structure completed it was time to for Chris Fletcher and I travel to NVIDIA HQ to do the build out. Once in the lab at NVIDIA we installed components including the radiators, fans, pumps, power supply, and motherboard into their respective pods.

"Three radiators are connected together in a first-ever acrylic manifold system making them essentially one huge radiator. The pumps, the only ones in existence, are prototype units."


He adds: "Once the guts of the rig were installed we immediately assembled all the pods onto the polished metal hub with excitement. None of us were prepared to see the glowing and mirrored monolith of a computer we had just created.

Sitting on a table the rig stood over six feet in height - every NVIDIAN that walked into the lab gasped in amazement.

We bet they did. Amazing stuff. Duke Nukem Forever released two weeks ago to mixed reviews - but that hasn't stopped it claiming the No.1 spot on the UK Chart.